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Articles by  Srinivas Janardhanan - Updated December 15  2012

Table-Tennis > A "very easy to learn" simple & fun "basement game"  ...... but a "very hard to master" athletic complex "Olympic sport" of obscene super-spins at insane speeds.


If you are a non-player or  a beginner , please take a look at the 5 items below before proceeding to other advanced topics that follow at the bottom of the page.

Professional table-tennis videos  (Please watch these videos before reading any articles below if you are newcomer to table-tennis)

Ping & Pong  >  4 letter words for a table-tennis player  ?   Addresses myths and little known facts about the "sport" of table-tennis

Guide to beginners coming to table-tennis

Your first racket

Secret underground world of table-tennis in USA


                Here are a series of articles I have written over a 15 year period , most of which are based on questions that are repeatedly asked of me as a master level player ,coach & umpire and based on my research in various forums worldwide related to table-tennis at all levels.  My focus in writing these articles had been primarily to help to think for yourselves whether you are a beginner or advanced player, as you may initially not agree with at all regarding some of the controversial topics presented here from the world of table-tennis and also the concepts of effectiveness vs efficiency.  Even if you were created to be a born table-tennis player with lightening reflexes , foot speed , hand speed and innate feel for the ball,  to be able to play a close to the table block and smash style, you still need to understand other mortal styles who need to be able to spin the ball and solve myriad of spins to survive in table-tennis.....which makes table-tennis the most complicated individual sport (under almost all playing styles) given the speed at which it is played in a small area and the extreme complexity of rackets (many consider it bad for the sport) , which even many world-class players cannot comprehend (and most younger Americans who are not intimately familiar with table-tennis will find this claim of being the most complicated "sport" to be not only ludicrous but also downright hilarious)  You may think you are efficiently training on many techniques and tactics of table-tennis but they may be totally ineffective when applied to you as an individual.  For example if you are an excellent hitter on your backhand but are unable to loop,  it is basically a waste of your time forcing yourself learning to loop using inverted rubber (just because it is the fashionable thing to do and submit to peer pressure), while you should be using short pips on your backhand instead. On the flipside most players go thru life mindlessly practicing how to hit the ball using smooth (inverted) rubber while the sport of modern table-tennis is based on looping ( super-heavy topspin)  the ball instead of just hitting the ball. Therefore I suggest all beginners that they read the article about learning to loop. Similar thinking applies to intermediate / advanced players but at a higher level of analysis of equipment as well as techniques and tactics.  

Learn to loop or get the bloody hell out of table-tennis    (a MUST read for every player) 

Whose serve is it ? Keeping score in table-tennis

Unorthodox & Advanced Strokes

Understanding & Attacking Side Spins

Ultimate multi-ball drills

Stroke Based analysis of rubber sheets

Who should (& absolutely should NOT) be using short-pips

Exploring (long) pips rubber designs

Uncontrolling your long-pips

Racket-twirling : Techniques & Tactics

Ideal Blade Design for Modern Chopper

Come to the divine side of table-tennis